May 3, 2015 ****No cover charge THIS SUNDAY!!!!****


The weekend is at your doorstep!  I’m certain you have plans to make it an awesome one.  Kick it up a notch by joining us at Woodland this Sunday for study, worship, fun, food and fellowship

We want everyone to participate, so we are waiving the cover chargeThat’s right, you can walk right through the door this Sunday and participate in all of the activities without paying one single cent (unless, of course, God tells you to do different but that’s between you and God!)  I hope we’ll see YOU there!

Sunday Schedule

10:30  Sunday School

11:30  Worship

Fellowship Meal Immediately following the worship service.

Worship Leaders This Sunday:

This Sunday is a Woodland at Work! Sunday.  We will be focusing on our Evangelism and Outreach Ministries.

Jeff Richardson will be leading worship accompanied by our ever-faithful praise team.

Shawn Whited will give the communion meditation.  Lawan Riley (provided she is able) will serve as the Elder at the Table.

Terry Lewis and Marie Vale will talk to us about Evangelism and Outreach.  They’ll help us understand what these ministries are doing at Woodland and how we can be more involved. 

If you’ve got a birthday or anniversary in the month of May, consider this your warning….you will be called out.  Please don’t try to hide when we ask you to stand up and be recognized.  That’s like me lying to my momma.  She ALWAYS finds out.

Pastor’s Sunday School Class studying Leviticus

The Pastor’s Sunday School class will be diving into the first section of Leviticus this Sunday. If you would like to get a head start on the lesson, you can read the first 7 chapters of Leviticus.  Yes!  That’s right.  We’ll be covering 7 chapters this Sunday.  You don’t want to miss this modern marvel of Bible Study performed by Pastor Robert (with a  little bit of class participation of course).  You can join the Pastor’s Study Group on Facebook.  Just look for WCC Pastor’s Study Group!


The Woodland Worship Preview will be posted every Friday afternoon to give you a preview of what’s coming Sunday so you can start praying now and come prepared for an awesome time together.



Yes!  We know that there is never a cover charge for participating in or attending services at Woodland Christian Church.  Everyone is welcome regardless of their financial standing.  We really do mean EVERYONE!  We (I, Pastor Robert) admit that the cover charge announcement was a shameful ploy to attract more attention and peak more curiosity so that more people would click the link.  Obviously if you’ve read this far, then it appears to have worked.  I just wonder how many people have ever gone to Joe’s Crab Shack and planned a second trip for the next day because they saw the slogan, “Free crabs tomorrow.”  Same idea.