Give It Up! – Our Lenten Journey

As we move through our Lenten Journey this year, we are taking the opportunity to reflect on our spiritual life and our relationship with God by “giving it up instead of going without.”  Normally, we approach lent asking what we will give up this year.  With holy intentions and the purest of hearts we set out to go without something in order to grow in our spiritual relationship with God.  Instead of growing in our spiritual journey by focusing on ourselves and depriving ourselves of some perceived pleasure, we are seeking to grow by focusing on others and what we can give and in giving to others, we are giving it up to God.

We started our journey focusing on the words of Jesus from Matthew 25:34-40.  Jesus taught us that when we serve another person in need regardless of their identity, their guilt or innocence or their own heart; we do serve Him.  We’ve learned that being a Christian, or being spiritual is not really a matter of the pious acts that we previously thought.  True spirituality, real worship is when we unselfishly serve or give to another person.

So, what are you giving up on your Lenten journey?  It’s much easier to go without.  Are you up to the challenge?