Usher 101

Have you ever been asked to be an usher at Woodland and you weren’t quite sure what to do? Worry no more. Welcome to Usher 101: All you need to know to usher at Woodland CC!

The word “usher” can mean different things in different places. Originally, it was someone who watched the door or led people to their seats at a meeting of some kind (think: theater, guy in a funny red suit with a flashlight leading the late arrivals to a seat). At Woodland, the usher is a person who takes up the offering during a worship service.

noun: 1. person who escorts people to seats in a theater, church, etc.
2. person acting as an official doorkeeper, as in a courtroom or legislative chamber.
3. male attendant of a bridegroom at a wedding.

verb: to act as an usher to; lead, introduce, or conduct

Each Sunday, there are three people asked to be ushers during the morning service.  There is one usher for each of the outside aisles and one usher for the center aisle.  When the pastor calls for the ushers to receive the offering, the three ushers come to the front and retrieve the offering plates from the communion table.  There are two plates.  The ushers for the outside aisles should each take one plate.

As the ushers proceed from the front (where the communion table is) of the church to the back of the church (where the doors are), they will pass the offering plates down each aisle.  When the plate reaches the end of the aisle, the usher will take the plate and hand it to the first person on the next aisle.  The usher in the center aisle is responsible for moving the plate on both sides of the auditorium so that person has to pay close attention and look left and right to keep track of where the offering plates are; moving from side to side to advance the plate to the next aisle.

When the ushers reach the back of the auditorium, the two outside ushers should meet the center usher and all three should return down the center aisle to the front of the auditorium.  When they reach the front where the small table is, they should stop and stand respectfully while the congregation sings the doxology.  The doxology is an expression of thanks for God’s blessings represented by the offering.  When the doxology is complete, the offering plates should be placed on the large wooden communion table.  All three ushers can then return to their seats.


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